Zodiac Love: Acoustic Pop Songwriter Kenny Sharp Releases Summery New Single ‘Good Gemini’

By Kenny Sharp

Zodiac Love: Acoustic Pop Songwriter Kenny Sharp Releases Summery New Single ‘Good Gemini’

(This content was originally posted on Music Mecca by Maddie Fry.) 

With two parents who were military officers, singer-songwriter Kenny Sharp has traveled across the world, fortifying his own musical stylings with those of other cultures. 

Born in Alabama, he began experimenting with hip-hop and rap music in high school, his humble work soon reaching national radio stations. Originally, Sharp attended college on a football scholarship, but later decided to pursue a full-time career in music. 

Despite having since moved onto R&B and soul, Sharp’s music still reflects a diverse cultural background. Known for his genre versatility, Sharp brings smooth vocals to his poignant lyrics.

Renowned for his storytelling ability, Sharp has worked with many artists including rapper and producer Lunchmoney Lewis. Back in October of last year, Sharp’s single, “Fall in Love” was featured in an episode of the hit show, Grey’s Anatomy. Now based in Washington D.C., he also frequents LA, Miami, and Nashville for music gigs and writing sessions. 

His most recent release, “Good Gemini”, combines Sharp’s smooth vocals with a catchy beat, crafting a playful song with a summery sound. The breezy guitar strums supplemented with intermittent horns and smooth percussion produces a warm and catchy sound, and his quick-flowing vocals atop create a certified ear-worm of a tune.

Unearthed from some lost files, Sharp released the song without much fanfare. Sharp captioned an Instagram post about the single, confessing he, “decided to put it out and raise awareness for the most polarizing sign in the zodiac.” Supplementing fans with frequent videos of acoustic jam sessions on his Instagram, it is clear that raw emotion and authenticity are central to his work, driven by his powerful, soulful vocals. 

Nicknamed “Brown Liquor Music,” his newest era of music showcases his storytelling abilities as well as numerous genre influences. On his Spotify page, listeners can find a playlist of songs that capture the “spirit and inspiration” of this release. Intended as an “experience for your senses”, Brown Liquor Music seeks to highlight the importance of soul and spirit.