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Kenny Sharp's Brown Liquor Music is not just a soul-defined music experience; it's a journey that elevates pop-ready funk from a genre to a vibe that resonates with people from all walks of life. The frontman, signed to Prescription Songs as a songwriter by his mentor, LunchMoney Lewis, has evolved from a conscious-minded rapper to a crooning and strutting performer gifted with a universally appealing James Brown and Morris Day style of entertainment. As a native of the Washington, D.C. area, Sharp's work is guided by that scene's multi-genre link between soul, rock, R&B, funk, and hip-hop. 

A growing catalog of Brown Liquor Music’s original songs, including "Renege," "The Louvre" and "The Breeze,” showcases how he’s inspired the band's unique lyrical and musical arrangements and created a style Sharp describes as a “character and color that define a global gateway to emotional freedom.” Music City becoming a multi-genre melting pot defined as much by honest, soulful truths and party-rocking allows the band's mix of pop-acclaimed songwriting and world-class musicianship to yield an intoxicating truth.Kenny Sharp Brown Liquor Music

Kenny Sharp Brown Liquor Music

Nashville's Lightning 100's Music City Mayhem winner 2024. Kenny and Brown Liquor Music battled 32 contestants (all chosen by a panel of judges, who listened to more than 300 artists/bands for final selections) in three rounds to make it to the competition's Final Four, then earned the champion title following his live performance at the Music City Mayhem Finale show.
2023 Spotify Wrapped:
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Kenny Sharp Brown Liquor Music
Kenny Sharp Brown Liquor Music