Viral Sound: Kenny Sharp – Renege

By Kenny Sharp

Viral Sound: Kenny Sharp – Renege

Kenny Sharp – Renege

(This content was originally posted on Viral Sound on December 18, 2020)

“I remember my Uncle John abruptly asking me one day, if I’d had my heart broken yet.

I’ll never forget when I said yes he just looked at me very sternly and said, “Good”.

I wrote this song to try and capture all the emotions of that first heartbreak and used Spades as a metaphor because I’d just learned to play around the time.

One of the first things you learn in Spades is to never Renege. It fascinated me how emotional ppl would get that when it would happen.

When I looked up the definition, one of the ones I found seemed perfect for a song.

Renege: To go back on one’s word.”

Kenny Sharp is a singer-songwriter known for a soulful sound he calls Brown Liquor Music.

Driven by powerful, raw delivery combined with poetic lyricism and storytelling, Kenny’s passions reveal an old soul that belies the singers’ fresh faced appearance. Formerly a rapper, Kenny gradually began shifting to singing over the past few years and has emerged with a sound all his own.