Nights Like This by Kenny Sharp

By Kenny Sharp

Nights Like This by Kenny Sharp

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The groove is back on, it’s smooth, funky, soulful and it will last all day and night long…Kenny Sharp brought it back…

Kenny is an artist from Nashville, USA, the city with long and strong roots in music history and he’s bringing back the groove with his latest single “Nights Like This”…

“Nights Like This” is a very soulful melodic anthem crafted by Kenny as an ode to all artists, bartenders and anyone who works to keep you having fun all night long…these people are the actual ‘soul’ of the party, because they keep it going for the rest of us.

Kenny took the night life and made a nightlife-flavored song with it….it’s ice cream for the soul…the song enters your mind easily and takes control of your body in no time.

“Nights Like This” has a very warm tone to it, even the reverb sounds like very late night…if that even makes sense…

The song is short and super sweet, technically, everything sounds amazing…the structure of the song is amazing and catchy…and Kenny’s vocal performance is perfectly fitting the mood of the night and the music, all the elements works together buttery smooth to give a special experience to all audience types…whatever genre you like, you’ll most probably enjoy “Nights Like This”…that is how good this song is, a very enjoyable experience and a highly recommended one. 

If you want to bring the groove back, look no further, Kenny Sharp is ready to deliver anytime…go check it out now on all major platforms. 

Kenny, we’re instant fans and we wish you all the best in the world, you deserve it and a lot more.