Kenny Sharp The Louvre

By Kenny Sharp

Kenny Sharp The Louvre

This post first appeared on Wolf In A Suit.

The absolutely amazing indie singer/songwriter Kenny Sharp comes to us once more with the wonderfully romantic tale of "The Louvre". With this stunning mix of melodies and lyrics he takes us for a ride through verses that caress our senses and speak to our hearts and imagination. It's a soundscape that offers us an escape from reality that we can share with someone special, so hold that hand and be thankful for how blessed you are. It's a musical invitation to realize how wonderful that person that has grabbed a hold of your heart really is.

There's something magical about "The Louvre" that just hits the spot, making sure you have a one-of-a-kind experience from the moment it all starts. So come with me, book that trip to Paris and take that person to see all the masterpieces found in the museum found in the title, so that you can see that they don't even compare to her/him/they. Listen closely, smile, dance softly and embrace the sweet unknown that dwells within this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

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