Kenny Sharp shares “Nights Like This” video

By Kenny Sharp

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A soul track drenched in blues, “Nights Like This” by Kenny Sharp is a truly mesmerizing piece. Silky vocals, buttery melodies and inviting harmonies characterize this funky yet soothing song.

Simply, the song is nostalgic. The music video accentuates that yearnful feeling.

Providing the inspiration behind it, Kenny shared:

After moving from DC to Nashville I became a bartender. Working crazy hours meeting crazy people. There’s something beautiful about the people who make the nightlife. I wanted to pay homage to the bartenders, servers, performers, musicians who make Nashville, and cities like it, what it is.

I have had this on repeat but still can’t get enough of it.

You, as well, can enjoy it by watching the accompanying music video.

You can link up with Kenny Sharp on Instagram.