Kenny Sharp Shares New Single ‘Stomp & Holler’ feat. Mikki Brayboy

By Kenny Sharp

Kenny Sharp Shares New Single ‘Stomp & Holler’ feat. Mikki Brayboy - Kenny Sharp

This post originally appeared on Caesar LiveNLoud.
American singer, songwriter and rapper Kenny Sharp has just shared his brand new single Stomp & Holler, an upbeat, feel-good piece of Country/Folk-Pop music. 
What I like the most about this song is its blissful, euphoric atmosphere and how it instantly made my day shine a little brighter. Stomp & Holler finds the talented artist teaming up with fellow singer-songwriter Mikki Brayboy whose delicate, dreamy vocals fit perfectly together with Sharp's soulful, passionate tone. This song is giving me Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men vibes thanks to its uplifting, anthemic chorus and infectious energy that got me excited to share it with you guys after the very first listen. Apart from those gorgeous vocals, I am particularly fond of the lively guitar and banjo riffs that are seamlessly paired with punchy percussive elements, cool strings and anthemic backing vocals that infuse the song with a memorable dose of joy and energy. Check it out below!