Kenny Sharp Sees Her in “The Louvre”

By Kenny Sharp

Kenny Sharp Sees Her in “The Louvre”

This post first appeared on sparky.

Washington-based singer-songwriter, Kenny Sharp, can’t wait to show us the museum-worthy being that he's lucky to call his. 

In “The Louvre”, Sharp shares places of awe from all corners of the world. But- nothing compares to the brown-eyed beauty that caught his eye.  As warm, echoed guitar intervals lead us into a steady drum beat, Sharp introduces the love that is best described by him as a “starry, starry night”. Still in disbelief, he is not afraid of the vulnerability that comes with a gladly captured heart.

In the pre-chorus, we are graced with a short moment of admiration. Sharp embodies the feeling you get when you witness something unquestionably breathtaking. Oh, to have someone see your beauty right up there next to The Mona Lisa … “Picture you up in the louvre,” Sharp recognizes classic elegance and is more than happy to admire it all. 

It is the kind of radiance that knows no bounds. Or as he describes it, “It don’t matter what you’re wearing / Check the mirror, you're the fairest one of all.” Out of all the wonders of the world, Sharp sees his girl in her own league of magnificence. 

After an intimate run of the chorus featuring Sharp’s soft vocals and comforting piano keys, the track ends on light notes of “ooh la la’s.” In a world of shallow messages, Sharp’s unique blend of soul, pop, blues, hip-hop & Americana is one to be welcomed, cherished and valued. 

Written By Kimberly Moon-Chong