Kenny Sharp Releases His Latest Single ‘The Louvre’

By Kenny Sharp

Kenny Sharp Releases His Latest Single ‘The Louvre’

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From capturing the attention of former President Barak Obama, who listened to Kenny Sharp’s hit track “Witchoo” as one of his favourite tracks, to being signed by Prescription Songs, Kenny Sharp is back with his latest single “The Louvre“.

Beginning as a singer/songwriter, whose music has been inspired by Blues, Pop, American Hi-Hop and Soul; the richness in blended genres which have influenced Kenny’s music has now been dubbed “Brown Liquor Music.”

Although he was born in Montgomery, Alabama, Kenny began first recording music of unforgettable melodies alongside songwriting, with his friends in his newfound home of Washington DC. Kenny’s stepping stone moment was when we met Krunch-A-Delic who introduced Kenny to an artist named LunchMoney and through guidance was signed to Prescription Songs.

Ever since being signed Kenny has continued to build up an extensive fan base and a reputation for great music with Citizen Cope inviting him to to play multiple shows at NYC’s City Winery. Spotify also showcases Kenny’s ever-growing catalogue of songs such as “The Breeze” and “Nights Like This” being chosen on the “Blur Roots” playlists.

Kenny Sharp’s new release “The Louvre”, is where “indie, rock meets pop in a harmonious blend”. Youthful love, with inspiration from artists such as The Black Keys. Best describes the beauty of love and the feelings in which these feelings can inspire.

A variation of styles alongside a moment captured in a melody alongside infectious hooks through detailed songwriting and texture which resonates with playfulness and passion.

Watch the music video for Kenny Sharp’s latest single “The Louvre” here: