Kenny Sharp - Nights Like This

By Kenny Sharp

Kenny Sharp - Nights Like This

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Kenny Sharp is a prolific singer-songwriter and a musician with a gifted perspective. Blending blues, pop, funk, soul, and rock, his sonic tapestries are addictive at best and hypnotically alluring. The artist combines drifting rhythm design with cool melodies, and distinctive vocals to create a charged listening experience. His refreshing sound is dubbed “Brown Liquor Music” owing to the dreamy swirls and the happy tones. Kenny Sharp has just released his latest concoction, Nights Like This. With bedroom pop pieced into a surreal funk-jazz and neo-soul puzzle, the artist creates a maze that you can’t wait to be lost in again and again. His sound is reminiscent of a dreamy fusion between Bruno Mars, Tom Misch, and FKJ. 

The track is drenched in romantic moods and surreal subtexts. It might as well be a happy place, for listening to it induces a cruising high that is reminiscent of a daydream. Looping bass lines and shimmering accordions vibe to the carefree beat rhythm in the backdrop. Kenny’s tenor vocals soar through the soundscape, entangled with a contagious graciousness that passes on to the listener. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Nights Like This by Kenny Sharp here –