Kenny Sharp – Grown Folks Love

By Kenny Sharp

Kenny Sharp – Grown Folks Love - Kenny Sharp

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Kenny Sharp’s “Grown Folks Love” is a captivating pop soul gem that immediately grabs your attention with its lively guitar strumming and infectious lyrics. The song exudes youthful energy and unbridled enthusiasm, as Sharp tells the story of his experience dating an older woman, creating a truly memorable and relatable anthem. It’s got such a charisma to it, embedded in the vocal performance and improved upon by the sheer swagger of the soulful arrangement uplifting it.

The accompanying music video adds an extra layer of charm to the song, featuring the unexpected casting choice of the 90-year-old father of Sharp’s manager as the leading man. There’s a playfulness to Sharp’s vision, one that’s amplified by his visual treatment of the project.

With a chorus line that’s impossible not to groove out to alongside a sumptuous electric guitar section, “Grown Folks Love” has all the ingredients to be a bona fide banger. It’s got barrels of charm and layers upon layers of dexterity to boot.