By Kenny Sharp


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Kenny Sharp, the singer-songwriter known for his distinctive “Brown Liquor Music” sound, has once again captivated listeners with his latest release, “Grown Folks Love.” This indie R&B track takes inspiration from both pop and funk music, resulting in a peppy and upbeat composition that exudes an unapologetically sexy vibe. With sultry and heated lyrical narratives, Kenny Sharp leaves no doubt about the intention behind this mesmerizing song.

One aspect that immediately stands out is the impeccable mix of the track, which contributes to creating a truly mesmerizing sonic landscape. Each instrument finds its rightful place in the mix, enhancing the overall texture and groove of the song. From the infectious bassline to the funky guitar playing, every element works in harmony, allowing the listener to get lost in the music. The production quality is clearly indie, and I found myself boosting the mix a few decibels to really make the track shine on my monitors.

Grown Folks Love” also boasts a rich tapestry of instruments, seamlessly blending together to deliver a multi-dimensional sound. The classical jazz roots that Kenny Sharp is known for are evident in the carefully chosen chord progressions, which lend a timeless quality to the track. The incorporation of brass instruments adds a touch of sophistication, further enhancing the overall allure of the song.

Kenny Sharp created a track that screams ‘sexy’

Kenny Sharp’s musical journey has been influenced by his diverse background and experiences. Born in Montgomery, Alabama, to Air Force officers, he developed a love for music while moving around frequently with his parents, even spending three years in Germany. After completing his studies at Washington and Lee University, Kenny returned to his home base in Washington DC and began recording new music at a friend’s studio.

Given the sultry and energetic nature of “Grown Folks Love,” this song could easily find a home in movies that explore themes of sensuality, romance, and self-expression. One potential film where this track could shine is the steamy and passionate “Blissful Nights,” a modern-day love story set against a backdrop of vibrant city life. Another fitting choice could be the stylish and seductive neo-noir thriller “Midnight Secrets,” where the allure of the night intertwines with hidden desires. In both cases, Kenny Sharp’s “Grown Folks Love” would undoubtedly enhance the on-screen atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

In conclusion, Kenny Sharp continues to impress with his latest release. This indie pop gem effortlessly combines influences from RnB and funk, resulting in a peppy track that is unapologetically sexy in nature. As a singer-songwriter with a refreshing sound and a knack for storytelling, Kenny Sharp’s journey in the music industry is on a steady rise, with recognition from artists and figures like Citizen Cope and former US President Obama.