Kenny Sharp Drops Heartfelt Single ‘Flesh & Blood’

By Kenny Sharp

Kenny Sharp Drops Heartfelt Single ‘Flesh & Blood’ - Kenny Sharp

This post originally appeared on Unorthodox Reviews.

Emerging onto the Alt-Pop scene with a soulful sound reminiscent of old-school vibes, Kenny Sharp is making waves with his latest single, “Flesh & Blood.”

Kenny brings a refreshing twist to the music industry with his unique blend of Brown Liquor Music, a term he coined to describe his distinctive style.

Produced by Philip Towns, “Flesh & Blood” is a chill, feel-good anthem that captures the essence of falling in love. With raw delivery and poetic lyricism, Kenny Sharp lays bare his emotions as he croons about the intoxicating allure of a special someone who has captured his heart.

Formerly known for his prowess as a rapper, Kenny Sharp has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of singing, showcasing his versatility and musical evolution. His soulful voice combined with compelling storytelling sets him apart in a crowded industry, garnering attention from fans and critics alike.

Drawing influences from a myriad of sources, Kenny Sharp infuses elements of R&B, soul, and pop into his music, creating a sound that is uniquely his own. With “Flesh & Blood,” he invites listeners on a journey of love and self-discovery, evoking emotions that resonate on a deeply personal level.